Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Update

SATURDAY ~ The kiddos and Roger were gone to deer camp, so I went and picked up my sister, we ran and grabbed some breakfast and then headed to Hobby Lobby for some scrapbook shopping. I had a coupon for 25% off, and bought a second Cub Scout book kit - to finish up Riley's Wolf year- seeing as how his Bear year starts next week! They had paper and stickers on sale, so we searched those, I bought some paper, most of it from the clearance bin - and managed to control myself where stickers were concerned!

We ran and grabbed some groceries - nothing like grocery shopping with a friend!  Makes it less of a chore! I did pretty good - saved $18 with my Kroger card and $13 in coupons!  She did pretty well with her savings also!  We picked up some pictures that we had out and headed home for some lunch and to scrapbook!

We spent the rest of the evening working on books - I am completely finished with all of my Disney stuff (just need to get a book (ok - 3) and put it in there) and I am completely caught up with Boy Scout stuff.  Next on my list - camping trip and Girl Scouts.


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