Thursday, July 10, 2008

This was not supposed to happen....

Well, like I said, we loaded everything up and had the camp all clear before we went to bed. Getting up and getting ready to go this morning was a breeze.  Rog said he wanted to be on the raod by noonish.  We hit it pretty close - dumping the tank to the camper stalled us, because we weren't sure what we were doing or how long it would take. We did get on the road about 12:20.  We were making it along just fine - then at 1:15 -you can sorta see the damage to the truck - those bent bars on the right.


Here is a strip of the tire in the back of the truck - there was another strip that flew towards us - we were following in the van.

So, fortunately, Rog has a friend that lives in Hot Springs and he happened to be home, and he happened to have a friend that had a jack that would jack the truck and camper. And he was nice enough to come help. Chelle and I did what we could, but our job was to sit in the van, off the road, with the kiddos. Once they got the tire fixed, the kiddos went with Chelle in the van and I rode with Rog in the truck.

We made it home with no more issues.

ETA: Rog's dad - the owner of the truck - did some searching and back a few years ago, when Firestone did that major recall - well, turns out these were the one number that did not need to be recalled at the did over $2000 worth of damage to his truck - and it banged up the camper a bit as well.

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