Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sleeping the day away...

Apparently, the past month or so caught up with me.  Rog got off work this morning and went straight to a golf tourney, the kiddos were at mil's, so I slept in...not my normal sleeping until 8:30 or 9:ish...I slept, without waking, until 11:30!!  I must have needed it!!

Once I got up, I grabbed my calendar and their Reading program and penciled it in for the year.  Rog still wasn't home, so I kept going - got their grammar penciled in also!!

Rog got home from the tourney - bearing gifts - he received 2 different door prizes.  A six man tent and a 1 burner cook top.

For dinner, I tried something new - I had tacos on the menu, but since the kiddos weren't home, I tried my hand a burritos!  They turned out pretty good! I will post how I made them - not really a recipe - just a ummm..that looks good type dish!

Nothing else major happened today!

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