Friday, May 9, 2008

Wrapping up the school year.

Well, we officially finshed 2nd grade on May 2.

We had a few things to work on this week as far as finishing up, such as our 'Tuesday school' that we had been attending this year, and the science fair project that they were working on for it, so I guess Tuesday was the last day we did anything 'schoolish'!  Wednesday was BEAUTIFUL outside, so they played out all day long.  I had a Girl Scout Leaders Meeting Wednesday night - our last one for the year - and I was awarded a Outstanding Volunteer Pin.  I had no idea that I had even been nominated for one.  I was completely shocked - I have no idea who nominated me!

Thursday, we got up bright and early and started on Ry's room.  Then Sis' room was Friday!  Now, we have the rest of the house to work on next week for spring cleaning!

Please bear with me as I am trying to get back n the routine of blogging!




  1. It must be a grrreat feeling and sense of accomplishment, Christa.

    Hope you're doing well. Have a great summer.


  2. Happy Mother's Day! Hope your day was filled with lots of hugs and kisses!

    I trust your family is safe after those deadly storms -




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