Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly report for April 7-11

Maybe doing this will help me keep up better with my blog.  I like to share our days, but lately daily has been so hard.
MONDAY~ We started this week off on a pretty good note.  I had their folders ready to go for the week.  This seems to work the best - I pull all of the pages out of their workbooks or I write their assignments on a piece pf paper, then I put it in a binder under the correct day we will be working on it - that way - they know what is expected of them each day.  They did sleep in a little this morning, so we were late getting started - and it was pretty cloudy and dark, so that made it a little hard as well.  We were done with most of our work by noon, ate a quick lunch then finished up our History.  We read Exploring New Worlds in our SOTW Vol II - they were pretty interested in Colombus and Magellen. After school work was done and they finished their chores,  they got to play with Chunky.  Wasn't long till Gramma picked them all 3 up so Rog and I could go to the Fire Department.  I was glad she was able to get them, because for our training it was mostly a re-cap of Thursday night when the tornado almost touched down, what we did, what we should have done and what we will know to do next time. I think it went pretty well, all of the guys really worked good together during that time of crisis.
TUESDAY~ We have been going to Tuesday School, but this week is the main week of homeschool testing in our area, so school was out, but there was a teacher's meeting, so we just did some reading Tuesday morning before the meeting - Afternoon on the Amazon -part of the Magic Tree House series. We went to the meeting where they were able to play with a few other 'staff' kids and then off to run a few errands - like take Rog's pager to get fixed - which they said nothing was wrong with it -but, it has been working fine ever since - so, who knows!  Ry had Scouts, this months theme is Abracadabra and they did some 'magic tricks' and then played some games.  Rog wasn't able to go with him because he had a meeting at the fire department - Sis went with him.
WEDNESDAY~ Rog had to work at the station, there was no AWANA's; so we had a major pajama day! They did what they needed to do for school, and then for science, we talked a little on animal reproduction. Once they were finished with school, they put on old clothes and went out to play in the mud - it has rained so much here the past month or so, that they had some good mud play time!  I fixed chicken pot pie for dinner and they played until after it was ready, came in, took showers and ate dinner.  They were tired, full and clean, so they both fell asleep in Sis' bed during a movie.
THURSDAY~ We were back under tornado warnings again today - we grabbed all things school and crawled back in my bed to do school work.  They got finished with their reading, handwriting, math and spelling - while I was reading the rest of Afternoon on the Amazon to them, then we read about the American Kingdom in History.  After we were done with school work, we watched the weather until it was clear here - then, right back outside to the mud!
FRIDAY~ We started off this morning baking bread for Spread the Bread Day - I copied the scout pack and Sis and Ry and a few girls from our Girl Scout Troop will be baking bread to 'spread' on Saturday. Check back to hear about how that went! We alternated between baking and school work - Friday's are light days - math test, spelling test and finish up science (until we are done with Tuesday school - then Friday will be super light - just math and spelling test!).  Once we finished the bread, of course we had to sample it! We made 4 mini-loaves each of Chocolate Chip, Lemon PoppySeed, Pumpkin, Banana and Cinnamon Swirl - we kept one of each to 'try'. They are pretty good! Once school was all done, they were right back outside - I worked on a menu and a shopping list - comparing it with sales ads and coupons -when my sis got off work, we ran to get some groceries - we also drove thru an area that was hot by the storms last week that we haven't been able to get to until now - and even though it was dark - man - it was sad!  I don't know if I wanna drive back thru there during the day!
Check back on Sat or Sun to hear about how our spread the bread went!

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