Sunday, February 3, 2008

SuperBowl Sunday ~

The title makes it sound like I was interested in the SuperBowl - I wasn't. That may have been different had Rog been home, but he was at the station, so ...We did have it on - mainly to see the commercials, but they were really no good this year.

My sis and mil came over first thing this morning.  I was in the middle of my morning chores, they were here to scrap.  I really wasn't into it today, but I did do about 15 pages.  My sis has a major scrap crisis, so I helped her get it straight.  She got a lot done, so did my mil. The kiddos had spent the night with my mom, so they were with her until after nieceEm was dropped off, then they all came over and we had a spaghetti dinner. We taught mom and dad how to play Rack-o. It was a very slow moving game, but we had was getting very frustrated, he tried hard to get Rack-o, but couldn't.

Rog noticed there was a wet spot on the carpet by the dishwasher, so dad looked at it and my dishwasher is leaking -  - so he told me to not use it to he or Rog could figure out what was going on.  So, I just finished hand washing dishes and I am cold and off to bed.


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  1. I wish that I could JUST get 15 pages done when I'm not into scrapping! Sounds like you have a very productive, fun, and enjoyable day!



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