Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Saturday

Rog was off today ~ the kiddos spent the night with their Gramma.  He took me out to breakfast (Burger King) and then went and helped me grocery shop.  The money from the 4wheel place didn't show up Friday night, so it was not in there today for my shopping.

After shopping - Gramma came over with the kiddos and Sis and I went to a make=up.swim birthday party. She was invited to spend the night, but did not.  Rog, Ry and Mil went to look at campers.  Fil is thinking about buying a new one.

Since Sis couldn't spend the night with her friend, she chose to ask her granny, and they both went over there.  We were having leaking toilet issues, so we took off to WalMart at 10o'clock and got what was needed and Rog fixed my leak.

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