Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pinewood Derby 2008

Today was the Boy Scouts local Pinewood Derby.  An event that they start looking forward to at the December pack meeting when they get their car kits - the block of wood that takes on so many different shapes and faces.  This year, we went to Hobby Lobby and bought Rog and Sis one (lesson learned -next year, we will go to the scout shop and purchase the 'legal' ones).  So, since the end of December, every time I turn around there were cars in various stages, there was talking about who was going to win - Ry was convinved it was goona be him.  There was spray paint galore, Sis painted hers PINK - and made it look like a ballet slipper.  Ry's was blue and had BS stickers on it.  Rog's was pink and blue from both of their leftover paint cans.  With the exception of thier actual cars (for some reason I didn't take a picture of them) - here are some highlights of the day....


There ya have it - he won first place among the Wolves and then he won first place overall - in his pack.  There were 15 boys total racing - the others were Bears, so just a bit older than he is.

Sis took second place in the siblings race that we hold while they are counting and writing out ribbons and such - great for the sibs to get involved and keeps them from getting bored while they are waiting.


  1. That must be so exciting!

    I remember when my brothers used to do that!


  2. Didn't Ry win first place last year also? Wow, what an accomplishment!


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