Friday, February 8, 2008

My week in review....

MONDAY: We were all tired this morning, but I was drug out of bed by Rog - I  accidentally left the chain on last night and he couldn't get in this morning, so I started my day answering the phone, then the door.  I could have gone back to  bed, but I went ahead and decided to stay up.  The dogs were both pretty antsy this morning, so they were glad I was up. I started on my morning chores - putting away the dishes, and then got the dryer going.  It had finished its cycle before the kiddos ever got up.  Ry woke up, had breakfast and played Legos until Sis woke up.  She had breakfast and we got started on school.  They got new handwriting books in the mail last Friday and were so excited to start them, that is where we started.  They also got Easy Grammar for 2nd grade - we are going to try and squeeze that in the last half of this year- and they were super excited to start that, because it was completely new to them. We moved right on to science, where we studied the life cycle of the frog.  From there, chapter 24 in History - this is going to be our last subject completed for the year.  I say that because we started lesson 19 in math today - our lessons only go to 30, so that gives me an idea of where we are school wise.  We will finish everything up by the end of May - we will go on vacation in June and then camping in July, and be right on track to start 3rd grade at the beginning of August. Ok, anyways, after lunch, we did spelling, and they finished up reading and then on to play - for a bit.  I jumped in the shower, then once I was ready to go, I reminded them that we had 4H this afternoon. They decided to stop playing and get ready for that.  Well, we didn't make it to 4H - I am giving up on it. I sent an email to the leader and told her we just couldn't seem to swing it. We fixed dinner and got ready for the fire meeting.  I did the paperwork I needed to do there and then we were DONE!  No one really showed up for the meeting, which makes it a bit hard to train.

TUESDAY: High predicted today 74*. High met..not sure, at least 74, if not higher.  We went to Co-op, it was muggy, but there was no rain - major storms were in the forecast, but we managed to make it home that afternoon without getting rained on.  When we got home, Rog and a friend had taken the dishwasher out and taken it apart - it had been leaking, so they decided to fix it. YAY! it works now.  MIL called, said someone told her that Storm Trackers were going to be in Little Rock because the predicted storms are going to be bad. She told me they would be in the study if anything happened...I told  her we would possibly be across the street in our neighbors basement - then I remember we had scouts, so I told her we would be at the church, where there are safe rooms.  Also, the church is right in front of the police sub station that houses the tornado sirens.  We got there a bit early and we watched (with our ears covered) the siren going around.  The storms didn't hit our area, but parts of Arkansas really got hit bad.  I heard that the tornado was on the ground for 123 miles!!! WOW!!! That is alot of damage!!  Pray for those that were in it's path and are trying to rebuild their lives.

WEDNESDAY: Today was just school work - and some cleaning and picking up.  Things were just off this week and NOTHING got accomplished...well, at least it feels like it.  I had a GS Leaders meeting and the kiddos went to AWANA's.

THURSDAY: Rog was off work again, and he hung out here for a while, then they had a call at the fire station and he talked one of the guys (a young guy that installs carpet with him and the same onw ho helped with the dishwasher) to coming over and helping him rake leaves.  I had a dr. appt., so I took the kiddos to mom and went to the dr. He released me from his care - it was the pulminologist who basically said if I would lose some weight, then I would be able to breathe - so, since I am losing weight, he said he would release me and if I needed him, just call.  We had a GS meeting that evening, and it was pretty close to being a flop meeting - 4 of my 6 girls had some thing better to do I guess -Sis is the only one in the troop who doesn't play sports, so GS is her main thing.  I personally think that the kiddos shouldn't have so many activities- they miss to many meeting/practices because they are at other meeting/practices.  So, Sis is really the only one getting anything out of this, but that is why I am in it.  Anyway, Sis and the other little girl that showed are really the only two making any effort, so I decided to go ahead with what I had planned and they both earned a Try-It!

FRIDAY: Rog is working for some one so he can be off on Sat since Ry has his Pinewood Derby race.  We got up and ran some errnads and then meet some other moms at McD's for a play date.  There was almost a fight with another customer there  -scared me to death - thankfully all of the kiddos were in the soundproof play area and missed all of the ugly names and words that were said.  I was seriously shaking when it was over.  The kiddos had a blast, and it was great to talk with the other moms.

Well, that was my week in review, sorry it was so long, it was just an off week for some reason and I didn't seem to have time to blog.  I will be back on track this next week.


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