Thursday, February 28, 2008

Delight directed Thursday

Well, to day was an odd school day. ~ they both got up and went to the school room and pulled out the science drawer and were messing with the microscope.  They looked at some premade slides we had and talked about them for a long time. (Thanks Kristy). They dedided they were hungry so they fixed their breakfast and ate, then right back to the science drawer.  They had the feathers and shells out with the magnifying glass.

There was a knock at the door- my shelf unit thingy had arrived from Office Depot.  They figured out how to get into it and opened it up and were going to put it together, but one of the sides was banged up pretty bad.  I called customer service and it must have been in India or somewhere- it's bad enough when you have broked english, but when you talk fast on top of that...I asked him 3 times to repeat what he said slowly. They called back for a rating and told me to be honest, so I was and he got a low rating and she was shocked-said, oh, that means he needs improvement. - I said well, sorry  that is how I felt.

The kiddos did their reading and handwriting, and then Sis did some coloring project while Ry searched thru science books for ideas for the Science Fair coming up in May. He thinks he found on, we need to run it by Miss Rhonda and make sure it is ok for him.  Sis is still trying to decide if she wants to do anything for it.

They had lunch and tried out Ry's project and they are outside playing now - riding scooters. It is sunshiny out, but still cold.

Tonight I have a Ladies Auxliary meeting, and the rest of the bunch is staying home and watching survivor.

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