Friday, February 1, 2008

Crazy Bumper Story

Rog saved his Christmas and birthday money for a bumper for his jeep.  No, he didn't need a bumper on there, it was a 'cool' bumper and he wanted it and so he ordered one.  The first confirmation he read, there was two for his order.  The first one said it had been shipped and was due to arrive on the24th.  The other one that was right below it said that the order was canceled because the card was denied.  Honest mistake - they ran it twice - PTL the bank rejected it - we didn't have the money in there for 2 front bumpers - not to mention - we don't need 2 front bumpers!

The bumper comes in on time, Rog gets around to opening it and it is very dented, banged up and is missing parts.  I called the next day - at first, he was a little ride, asking what the box looked like - the box was fine and there was no way that UPS could have done the damage to this bumper that was done.  He told me he would file a claim and get someone out to pick it up, and he would get another in process to be shipped.

Rog checks the confirmation again, it has two again - one saying the bumper would be here on the 28th, and one would be here on the 29th.  I didn't think much about it - especially since they were sending someone to pick up the first one.

So, Monday the 28th, Rog is at the station, his bumper comes in.  He gets home Tuesday afternoon and opens it up - small bump on the inside back bottom area - he says it is not bad and it will not be noticable once he gets it on the jeep, so he will keep it.  He puts it all back in the box and moved it out of the way until he can get it on his jeep.  Right as he gets done with that, UPS pulls up.  I asked if he wanted me to refuse it, and he said, not to, let's see if the third one is in better shape.  So we open a third bumper - yep big dent right in the front., he packes it back up and decides he is keeping the 2nd bumper.

Just then, it hit me - they sent us three bumpers - how many are we paying for?  SO, I jump up and run in here to check the bank - sure enough it is RED! They took more out for a second bumper!!! Then I was RED!  I was so mad, because, not only did they take out double, causing me to have a mark on my account - it also cost me $30 for an insufficent funds fee!

First thing Wednesday, I got on the phone - only to find out they are in CA and will not open until 10 here.  Once I get someone in customer service, and tell him what has happened and what they need to do, he decides he cannot help me I will need to talk to his manager. So finally about 4o'clock that afternoon, I got to talk to the manager.  I told him he needed to send someone to pick up two of these bumpers - we were keeping one - even though it had the dent in it - he needed to credit my account for the second bumper that he charged us for and someone needed to take care of the $30 fee they caused.  He started telling me that he need me to fax him a copy of this and that and all, then tells me it appears we ordered two bumpers - I politely said -they were both front  bumpers -why would we need two front bumpers. He started rattling off order numbers, then he realized they were the same number and it was a mistake on their part.  He asked how much the fee was and told me he would get it taked care of immediately. 

As of  Friday night, the money had not been put back into my account.  I have talked with a lady at the bank, she has been really helpful.

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