Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cookie Drop Day~

Today was the day to meet the truck that was delivering Girl Scout Cookies and, me being the troop leader, guess what that means (well, I could have had a cookie mom, but somethings are just easier to do yourself) -- anyways, I had one great mom volunteer to come help me, and we were at the armory at 8am. The truck was unloading cookies (last year, we waited forever on the truck) and we started breaking down the palettes - so our Cookie Queen could count and make sure all were here and accounted for, and we could weed out damanged cookies.  The troops are picked by lottery method to see who pulls thiers first, and you guessed it - we were at the bottom - there was one troop after us. 

Once we were able to pull our troops cookies, great mom ran out to get her truck - yes, we were able to DRIVE in the building and right up to our pile of cookies to load.  I sorted her's out and we got her loaded.  Another dad came down to get theirs, so he did the same, and then came back in to help me load the rest into my van.

I went home and sorted out the other girls and made arrangements to get those delivered.  We went to mil's and the kiddos ate dinner and we took them (all 3) to Awana, then Rog and I went to eat at Firehouse Subs.  MIL brought the kiddos home from Awana. 

I am tired and starting to hurt, and since the kiddos are home, I am off to bed.

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