Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday ~

I am checking in here a bit early this evening...Rog will be home soon and I want to spend what time I can with him, as he gets up early and goes to work - I haven't seen him since Christmas Day!

My friends Granny's funeral was this morning, so we got up and around and I dropped the kiddos at moms. I met my Sis and rode with her. It was a very nice service -a little different than what I am used to as far as traditional goes, but her wishes were carried out and that is what counts.  The chaplain offered anyone in the audience to stand up and tell any fond memories or funny stories about her - and there were TONS!  It was great - everyone laughed, then they played I Did It My Way - which was so her - and everyone cried.  She was the true backbone of that family-  she will be missed greatly.

My sis and I stopped for a bite to eat and then headed to mom's to get the kiddos. We hung out with mom and dad for a while. I have been kinda picking up around here - I need to go work on the den once again. 

Well, off to clean until Rog gets home...catch yo all tomorrow...

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