Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A trip to the ER...and the afternoon in bed....

When we got up this morning, my leg was hurting pretty bad.  Before I had my Lupus dx, I had recurring blood clots - I was in the hospital 3 different times for them.  So, I thought that was what was causing the pain.  I had been hurting pretty bad the past couple of days - due to the sleeping on the floor and all the driving I did Sat and Sun, all of my pain had gone away, except this here in my calf.  I called and talked to my mom, then my drs. office and everyone thought it to be best if I went ahead to the ER to be checked out.

After spending all morning plus some in the ER, I was let go with a dx of phlebitis - an inflamed vein.  The doc said it was a good idea to go ahead and come in though - since blood clots can be dangerous - even life threatening.  He sent me home with some anti-inflamitory pain pills and told me to stay off it the rest of the day.

We all get home - Rog even got off work early, he went and got pizza and sent me to bed...with the kiddos and all their school books!  We spent the afternoon in my bed doing their assignments. We got them all finished and they are caught up.

After dinner, Rog and Ry went to scouts and Sis spent some time playing in the tub while I just hung out in bed watching TV.


  1. I'm thinking of and praying for you.



  2. So sorry!! I hope you are all better now (Now I am thinking I need to go back and check the date on that post, but I am too lazy).


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