Friday, September 21, 2007

Warning -Vent Ahead

Consider yourself warned...if you are on my friends list, you are one of the lucky ones who get to hear my rant from Thursday night.  IF you have any ideas about how I can handle this, please do share...I am not sure what to do about it, but I know I cannot deal with it the whole year!!

Ok, so I took over our GS Troop for this year. We were down to 4 girls who have been together since the beginning - we started Troop 71 two years ago as Daisies - I need to say that we have been together all this time - since Fall of 2005!  So, I have one mom, M, that has been with all along and I guess she is just one of those people who need their hand held.  I am not a handholder.

We had our parent meeting on 8.30 and I gave them all a calendar of events that had all of the council events, all of the service unit events and all of our troop info - including meeting nights, time and place (I need to add that this has not changed in the 2 years we have been a troop as well).  There were other things that we went over at the parent meeting, including a coupon thingy that they could use at the scout shop to get credit for our troop.  M went to the scout shop on Wed to get her dd some things and calle me to ask me what was our troop number!  HELLO!!!  We are Troop 71 - FOR TWO YEARS!!  Why did she not know that??? Not to mention, it was on half the stuff I gave her, that is how she makes her checks out and it is on her dd vest!! Well, sadly she called while I was at the fire and did not answer the phone, so I guess she figured it out -either that or some other troop is getting our credit!!

THEN- last night, our first meeting night (you know - the one on the paper I handed out - the same meeting night, place and time for the past 2 years) she calls me at 530 and asks me - what time is the meeting?  I nicely told her that it was at 6:30, like they all have been and all will be -UNLESS I specifically call her and let her know of a change.

If this was a new mom, I could handle it, but she is not - she has been with us since day one.  She is a charter member of troop 71!!

Like I said, I was nice about it last night, but I know how she is, and she is going to call me every time about something...I cannot babysit these plate is full enough with my family and all of our activities. I do not mind running the troop, but I need to have some help.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading this far....

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