Friday, September 21, 2007


We had a busy day mil dropped Chunky off at 5:30 am on her way to work.  He went back to sleep for a bit, I usually do not wake him, but his mother was coming to pick him up at 9:00am, so I had to get him up, fed and dressed before she got here.  Ry woke right as he was leaving, had breakfast, then just hung out for a while waiting on Sis to wake up.  Once she got up and had breakfast, we got ready to go and headed out to do errands.  I had to go to the post office, 2 different banks (which, now that I think about it, I only hit one...), get gas in the van, find my mom (she is on my GS checkbook), drop off some stuff at the GS office, drop off some stuff at the BS office, and the grocery store.  Since Rog's fire station is close to the BS office, we ran by and visited him at work.  I got most all of my errands done, but the bank I just realized and some of the stuff I was going to drop at GS doesn't go there, it goes to the service unit, not the council - I guess I will figure out all of this before too long!

Once we got home, at 4pm, the kiddos got right on their school work and finished up what they needed to get done for the week.  I still need to read the story out of history to them and do the map work, but that shouldn't take long!

We had a really late lunch, and they had snacky stuff for dinner - they need a bath and to bed. Rog and Ry have a big day planned tomorrow.  I am tired, so I am headed to bed as soon as I get my blog caught up from this week and load the dishwasher and switch out laundry and clean off the dining room table and empty out my bag that I used today and tie up any loose ends from that stuff and....well, you get the picture, I am not going to bed anytime soon....

If you have a minute, please say a prayer for my friend Karen.  Details are not important, the Lord knows what she needs - just say a prayer for her and her precious family. Thanks!

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