Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday ~

We got up and going super early this morning.  We had to be at Academy by 9.  Well, it started at 9 this morning and I needed to be there before that to get K set up.  Everything went smooth at Academy today, Ry and Sis loved their classes - Art, Spanish, Science, Music and Word Building.  I had 3 kiddos in my group, 2 K and a 3k (my nephew). We had a pretty good day.  We started off reading Me on the Map. I showed them different kinds of maps, I had a city, state, us and world map, along with a globe.  We looked at all of those, talked about where we were on them and how they tied into each other.  Then we colored our own maps to put in a passport book we are making for the year.  My plan for the year is to use FIAR with them and they each have a passport when we finish the year.  We made the covers, and I took their pictures for the books, then we colored our AR map, a world map and a treasure map and added them to the book. I had a beach ball that looked like a globe and they played with it for a long while.  We had lunch, then after lunch, our focus was on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I thought about taking a letter a week and doing that in the afternoons, but I got to checking things out and our library has an ABC book that can go along with almost all of our themes that we are studying, so we are going to do an alphabet book in the afternoons. Anyways, we read CCBB and then we painted toilet paper rolls and made coconut trees with little sticky on letters, we colored and cut out coconut trees with the letters of thier name, we made a name caterpillar and a couple of other crafts.  We had a fun time, but boy was I glad for the day to be over.  Entertaining K's all day is not an easy thing to do.  Next week, I am taking some play-do and stuff for them to have some free play.

We had to stay for a quick teacher's meeting - how did it go, what needs to be changed, type meeting - this was seriously the first day evre for this program.  All in all it went well.  After we got out of there, we met gramma at the library, checked out some books and sent Sis and Chunky (my nephew) home with gramma, Ry and I ran thru Sonic for a rootbeer float and then off to the grocery store.  Once we got every thing unloaded and put away, we had just enough time to fix some dinner before we headed out to Ry's first Boy Scouts meeting. He had fun with that, and is excited about starting back up.  After the scout meeting, we had to go get Sis from gramma's house.

It is late and time for bed, we have had a long and very busy day....

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