Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is it just us ...

...or does everyone have the trouble we do out of pencils?

We have always had issues with color pencils - the never stay sharpened...the leads break on them so fast, that they are usually broken before they come out of the sharpener.  We have a box of assorted color pencils - almost any brand you can think of - Crayola, Rose Art- you name it, I think we have it.  Is there a good brand of color pencils? If I pay the big bucks for the expensive (Prism I believe is what I am thinking of) will they break also? With the trouble we have had with color pencils, I am a little gun shy about paying to much more than a buck or two for them.  Any suggestions on color pencils??

Well, today, we are having trouble with regular pencils.  Is it because they are using the fun ones? It seems almost like the company just filled the wood with little pieces of broken lead and they just keep breaking. I guess we will resort to the plain ole boring yellow number 2 pencils.....


  1. I don't know what pencil to use either. We usually buy whatever is on sale at back to school. Our complaint is that the erasers smear.

    God bless,


  2. We don't seem to have any trouble with regular pencils or colored pencils...I use the 'Crayola' brand colored pencils and they last us forever...maybe you got a bad box/es... or maybe the kids are pushing to hard? I don't anything about any other brands...Crayola is what we always use!


  3. Christa - We too use only CRAYOLA brand for markers, crayons and colored pencils and I believe they are - THE BEST. --- Maybe your kids are pushing down to hard? - Don't know...

    The problem at our house - is the pencils always disappear - because my kids take them with them - wherever they go - and MANY end up in their rooms or out in the garage - where they have their "workshops".


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