Thursday, September 13, 2007


We did have a little better day today - not much, but a bit.  We got up at a decent time and got started, but seems that school drug out forever.  We finally finished about the time Rog got home.  He loaded the kiddos up and went to his moms.  I stayed around here passing time until Mom's Night Out with our homeschool group. I was so tired, I almost went to sleep and just missed out on MNO, but I held out and went and I had a blast.  We laughed so hard...had the best time.

On a lighter  note, I ran into my cousin while we were there, and she told me that my great aunt, that has ovarain cancer (I think I mentioned her not to long ago) was back here in the hospital and not doing all that great.  I talked to mom after I left and she said they really don't know much, just that the cancer is causing her much pain.  Mom said they had given her sme morphine and she was resting better -not great- when mom left.


  1. Christa - I am sorry to hear about your great aunt. - I miss hearing from you as often at TGR - but - I do understand the busyness of life and our precious kids and watching that computer time...Just wanted to remind you - you are a precious friend - you are loved! - Charity

  2. Christa, you've just been given the "You Make Me Smile" award over at my blog. Come on by and see :-)

    <>< Kelly


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