Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blogger Friend School Assignment #2

Last week we “dreamed” about our special place to blog! This week we are going to stretch some of that dream into reality. The purpose of this assignment is learn to accept our surroundings as God gave them to us and creatively make them a special place to preserve those heartfelt memories.

“If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures.”

Job 36:11 KJV

A. Look at your “dream” place last week and using your creative juices and things in or around your home, CREATE a special place to blog. Most good writers have a location that is a comfort to them and makes their writing time enjoyable and productive. Share some quick ideas!

B. Once you have created that special place…SHARE A PICTURE of where you blog. Remember to be creative! {I REALLY look forward to seeing this creativity. Some of you last week shared some really neat imaginitative posts and I know that this will be a challenge!}

C. Share a verse this week that is upon your heart!

Well, since I blog from a desktop, creating a special place to blog is not really an option.  Rog has the lap top and it is usually gone with him.  As far as creating that place and sharing a picture - not happening - my desk is so far buried under stuff right now that the only reason there is not a landslide is because my hands are on the keyboard.  I guess I will get a zero for this assignment...even thoug I did attempt it - I wasn't even going to do it...

Psalms 13:6

I will sing to the LORD,
       for he has been good to me.

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