Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mom/Cub Campout

Whew ~ what a weekend.... I am home, and I am exhausted, but we had a blast!!  Sorry if this goes long or to many details, we just had so much fun, I wanted to share...

We left here Sat morn, ran to pick up our friends - the den leaders family, then headed to another cub's house to caravan with 2 more cars.  We got there and checked in and settled, just in time for opening ceremonies.  After ceremonies, we were dismissed to go to activites...our pack spent the weekend together, but we all kinda went on our own and would meet up here and there.

Ry and I went to gardening first - Ry got to check out some animal parts- turtle shells, fox tails, rabbit feet, snake skin - all the little stuff boys love and he planted me a wandering jew. 

From there, we went to crafts and made us a hat - all of us meet up there and made hats together.  A few of us went from there to quilt making -we all got to color a square and someone is going to piece them all together and make a quilt out of it. Not sure what will happen with it from there.

We headed down to the trail to do a Frog Hunt - this was SUPER CUTE!  They had one of the small trails set up as the frog hunt trail and we were to look only and see how many frogs we could find - they had placed all sorts of frogs on the path - the first one we saw was a huge green stuffed one, then a blue rubber one in a tree, they had stuffed, plastic, rubber, and even some garden statues of frogs hidden.  We found 14, when we got to the end, the sign said there were 22, so we were not that great frog hunters!

Fron there, we ran by the Scout Shop and got Ry and I a TShirt - we were there with 2 of the other cubs, and they all got a slushy - while we were sitting out eating those, one of the scoutmasters came up to us and had a bag of marshmallows. He asked had we ever made taffy - nope, we hadn't - we had seen it made, but that was it. He gave us all a marshmallow and said give him 5 minutes of our time and we would have taffy.  He showed us how to pull it apart, smash it back together, repeatedly.  Sounds gross, but try it sometime!  After you do it for a minutes, it gets a little grainy, then you keep going and after a few more pulls, wa-la ~ taffy - it gets shiny and doesn't pull apart as easy and oddly enough, it really tastes like taffy! (No, I didn't get ay pics of that - we all were covered in marshmallow!!).

From there, we went to rope tying.  Our project at rope tying was a macremae plant holder - for that lovely wondering jew we made ealier!  Never done this before, and it was pretty easy.  The moms really got into this one more so than the kiddos.  They did help though! This was a really fun project.

We left there and headed to the shooting range, but about halfway there, one of the scoutmasters told us they were wrapping up for the day down there and we could catch it on Sunday. We went back to camp to clean up and get ready for dinner and evening flag ceremony.  After dinner, we hung out on the front lawn until campfire announcement.  We had to hike to the campfire and once we all got there, the cubmasters and there were a few boy scouts there; they did some skits and YES, BOY SCOUTS DO SING-A-LONGS!!!  After the main campfire, we all went back to our smaller camps (there were 253 moms and sons there) and we made a camp-fire and had s'mores (had one for you Ang!), then it was flashlights and fires out. The pics I took at both campfires did not turn out that great, so you will have to use your imagination on what a fire looks like!

So we all go in our tiny indiviual tents and all get all comfy, then we realize how cold it has gotten.  I woke Ry back up (he crashed as soon as his head hit) and made him get in his sleeping bag so he wouldn't wake up crying. Then as I got all snug and warm in my bag - yep, you guessed it, had to go.  I stayed still for a while -stressed about how cold it was out there, then gave in and got up.  It wasn't as cold as I thought it was going to be, but man - it did get cold!! I would have slept nicely on the metal cot in the sleeping bag that was almost to small to keep me warm, but the coyotes, wolves, dogs and other nocturnal forrest animals had me on gaurd!  I finally got so tired that I did drift off to sleep..but it wasn't sound, I was up quite a bit and ready to get up at first sun peek.  Ry slept good - he didn't hear any of the creatures, nor the discussion a few of the moms had at midnight - we thought we were going to lose one of our cubs - he was pretty freaked out and wanted to go home, but I was glad to see him when we got up this morning! I guess he settled down.

We went up the hill for breakfast, then back to the scout store, just to kill time, but while we were there, I found some Hiking Staff Medallions that had Boy Scout stuff on them, so I got a few for Ry. (When I got home, I did a search, and found some for some of the places we have hiked, and I plan on ordering those for the kiddos and their hiking sticks - great cheap souviner!!) Well, we were puching it to get to chapel, but we made it and enjoyed a nice, simple church service.

After chapel, we headed down the hill to the shooting range.  We got in the archery area, but it was over packed, so we moved on to bb's.  We were in the second group in line so we had to wait a few minutes. Once Ry got sat at the shooting table, the cub master said they were doing things different this morning - 5 bbs for the cub, 5 for the mom.  (This mom has never shot a gun before - my aim stinks!!) We were shooting apples on a page, and if you got an apple, you got a bead, Ry got 3 shots on the page, 1 on an apple, I got one shot on the page, 1 on an apple, so we both got a bead. (We had strings on our name tags and we got a bead for everything we did all weekend). 

We went back over to archery and were in the next line up for that (I didn't do this one.) Ry shot and ended up hitting the target - there was a big target they were shooting at, but they had balloons tied to it and he hit is balloon. He got a plastic medal to wear showing he had hit a bullseye.

Once we were done at the shooting range, it was time fo closing ceremonies and to load up and leave.  We had a great weekend, and I am beat! Ry crashed as soon as his head hit tonight as well.  Here are a few more pics from this weekend that stood out to me, but didn't really fit in my story above.



*(Sorry, I didn't think to fix the red-eye before I transferred them to photobucket!)*

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  1. Christa,

    It looks like you had a great time. You must be tired after all that.



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