Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Email forwards...

I am not generally a big fan of the, I really don't mind reading the things that go around, I am just not one who sends stuff on.  Yes, I am destined for all of the bad luck and what not that comes with me not forwarding them.  Yes, I still believe in God, even though I don't forward all of those. And, yes, I have even broken the prayer chains for the sick and the military...

Here is my beef on these forwards..first, when I do send something on, I clean it up as best as I possibly can.  I get all of the 9 million other forwards of where it came from off of there. I mean, seriously, can I really believe that you said this prayer for me when it looks like that? Also, that is one way spam can get started - just look at all of these email addresses that are being passed around!! 

So, while this was a bit rambly, it has a point - clean up your emails!!!

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