Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy weekend...and then it's Monday...

Rog and Ry took off first thing Saturday morning to deer camp, to check his feeders and his camera.  My mil came over and scrapped with me for a while, I got Sis's Myrtle Beach album done, and most of Ry's then I ran out of ink, so I had to wait.  They are now printed and I need some time to get them in his book.  Mil had a cook out to go to, so she left early Sis was bored and she called my mom and went to her house and I took a nap.  Rog and Ry got home and woke me up with some McyD's. Mom came and got Ry and took them to eat while Rog and I ordered pizza and watch the Hogs game -they lost -again!  He brought home one of his disks from his camera that had 110 pics on it, so we loaded those and looked at them - there are some nice deer walking around by his stand...along with a black bear - a small one, not quite cub small, but not a big bear.

Sunday, he got up and took the kiddos over to his mom's to work on the has plumbing issues that need to get fixed. But, hey - what do you expect for $400? We didn't go to church - again - I am just not sure where we need to be - not sure what to do about it... My sis came over and we scrapped for a bit, then Rog had a kickball game that me and the kiddos went to. Last night was dinner at my sis' house - then we played games...

That brings us to a Monday morning...I thought we were a bit behind where I wanted them to be with their school work, but suprisingly, we are not.  We are 1 science lesson behind where we need to be, but we are way ahead on Spelling, Reading and Writing - well, not way ahead genearlly speaking, but we are ahead of my plans. They worked nicely this morning on their work, until we got to math and I froze up...they were to learn carrying or regrouping as Mr. Demme calls it.  I was a bit worried, but they seemed to do ok - Sis picked right up on it with no issues, Ry, he was doing it, but it was like he wasn't sure what the point was - you could see that it had clicked with Sis, but Ry wasn't sure - although, he did most of it with out help and did great with it, there just wasn't the lightbulb with him like it was with her.

We had some dinner then ran to the volly fire department so I could look something up and Ry could sell popcorn.  It was a very slow night -there was no one there, so he will have to try again next week.

The kiddos are in bed asleep, I am headed that way as well, Tuesdays are our big days.

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