Monday, September 10, 2007

Back on track

After a busy week off last week, we got back on track with school and chores this week. I let the kiddos sleep until they were ready to get up, then once they were both up, we had breakfast.  After breakfast, we talked about the chore charts that we used last year.  We hd to change a few things up, since we have changed a few things here at the house, but they agreed on the list and the way I have it divided up. They jumped right on their chores and got them done, then started right back on school work with out any fussing at all.  They were all done with their work by noon.  We had lunch, did our lunch time chores, and got ready for 4H.  We had been active in 4H before, but the meeting times ended up being a conflict, so we missed out on much of it this past year.  Apparently, we were not the only ones with conflict, so they have once again changed the time and day and we are able to join backup.  The kiddos were super exctied about it.

4H went great - it is so neat to see how those kids conduct a meeting, some of them better than some adults I know!  They were all excited to see Ry and Sis back, and I think the meeting time is going to be great!

After we left 4H, I ran them to mil's house and then home to meet my Sis.  We went to a class offered by a local hospital called Motivating Children and Helping with Organizational Skills (or something along those  Alot of it was repeat, same o'same o', but I did pick up a few pointers and ideas.  In fact, we ran thru Office Depot on the way home and I got a write on/wipe off board to make a weekly activity schedule for all of us, so the kiddos will know what is going on on what day - they are pretty good about knowing what day it is - and also, so Rog will know where we are if he happens home and we are not around....

We have our first day of Co-Op tomorrow - all day - and I have the Kindergarten class...say a prayer for me ...I will check in after scouts tomorrow night!

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  1. Praying you have a great first day of coop. Enjoy Kindergarten. I used to teach K. I thought it was fun. Have a great time.



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