Thursday, August 30, 2007


The kiddos seemed to drag things out a bit today, so school took us a while. BUT ~ we did get finished...  They knew that if we finished our work for this week, then we got a break.  After tomorrow, we will have finished 4 full weeks of school and it will be time for our 1 week off.  They have been doing very well, and for the most part, have had a good attitude about it.

I had a parent's meeting for the Girl Scout troop that I am leading this year.  We are going to have 6 girls - small, but I think a good number for my first year as leader.  For the most part, the girls all know each other- 4 of them have been in a troop together since they were Kindergarten Daisy's and one is a friend of Sis' and the other -her mom is a friend of mine.  So, I think it will be a good year.  The council has tons of fun activities planned for us, and the mom's were all excited that I had made a calendar for them.  Our first meeting is at the end of September, it will be an investiture/rededication type ceremony for the girls to start the year off.  That buys me a bit of time before I have to start planning activities for us to do at meetings!

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