Monday, August 13, 2007

Sleepy Sunday...

We slept in this morning. We were pretty tired after our big day on Saturday.  Then, I took a nap from noon until 2.  Rog had a kickball game (yes, in the 103* temps) so he went to it and I picked up around the house and started dinner.  Mom, dad, Chelle, Em and the 4 of us alternate Sunday night dinners - this is our week.  Rog got home, then they got called out on a woods fire, so he left again. We had dinner without him. He arrived home, hot, not to long after we finished up.  Once it got dark outside, we sat out for a bit and saw a few shooting stars.  Once everyone left, we crashed. 

EDIT~ I sat the alarm and got up at 1:30am and went outside.  I sat out for 20 minutes and saw only one shooter.  I will try again one more time Monday night/Tuesday morning - I am going for about 3 am this time.

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