Friday, August 10, 2007

National S'mores Day

I think this is one day that we can take part in!!  I love a good S'more!!

The ladies at FIAR were discussing all of the ways to make smores - and they have some good ideas!!  Here are a few...

Spread chocolate icing in place of the chocolate bar - melts instantly!

Use chocolate chips instead of a bar, and you can add other flavors to that.

One mom suggests taking a tortilla and spreading peanut butter in it, adding choc chips and mini marshmallows, roll up like a burrito, wrap in foil and throw on the fire!  We are trying this one!!

Now, I do suggest - if you have never had a smore - made the original way -complete with burnt campfire marshmallows, you must!!


  1. Oh yeah, they're awesome! I love the other ideas though! Yummy!!!!!!!!

  2. Christa - Can you believe I can't stand s'mores - yuck - I can't believe I was even able to type it - LOL - I think they are nasty. - Did you know they had S'more Pop Tarts?! - Aaaah! - Okay, gotta go - getting queasy - LOL - Charity

  3. I'm with Charity, LOL I hate them, but my kids love them!!!!



  4. Boy, I wish Ansley and I were in on that fun day. That would be a great time for any girl or mom. LOL What can I say I have never rode in one either. The closest thing is when my grandmother died and I rode in the family car. LOL You can laugh. LOL

    I am glad it was a great day. Way to funny about your dad and the film.


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