Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Again...

You know how when you work so har on your template to get it just like you want it, then there is one teeny tiny thing that is off - one teeny tiny thing that is really no big deal, but you know it is there and it is driving you crazy?  Well, that is where I was! My sidebars were not even - the right was much wider than the left and I could not figure it out.  I had played with every single number in my template, I had compared it to others with the same template -their blogs were not off center by the way- and I couldn't figure it out.  Heidi had offered me some help, but nothing worked...I was about to give up completely -and just suck it up and deal with a crooked-off-center blog, I mean, after all, no one had really commented about how bad it looked, so I can deal with it right??

Then, as I was peeking at some friends blogs on Homestead Blogger, I noticed that Patricia had the same blog design as mine, and Kristy did as well.  So, I emailed Kristy and asked her if she could help - she has helped me with a few techie probs before...and sure enough - she knew immediately what the problem was!!

I had to take my CHC Manager tag and move it from my sidebar down to the bottom of my blog. 

Thanks so much Kristy!!  I will no longer lose sleep over my silly little issue!!

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