Monday, July 23, 2007

Catching up...

It has been a while since I have blogged about anything going on in our I am going to try to play catch up in this post - and get you through at least the past few days...

Friday ~ Rog was at the station, and I cleaned house this morning and the kiddos and I went to the library this afternoon, and they were supposed to be on TV, but there was a pretty big fire at the time, so the story time segment got bumped.  I dropped all of them off at mil's and came home and started meals for Saturday.

Saturday ~ I got up and got the cinnamon rolls going, and the barbque going and finished cleaning the house and pulling out all of my scrapbook stuff.  When Rog got home, I made their lunch and he and Ry, along with some friends, went down to their deer camp to move stands, and spread out some food.  My mil and my sis came over and we scrapped all day!!  Sis had to leave, she had a cook out ot go to, and mil left to go eat dinner, but other than that -we put in a full day of scrappbooking.  Rog and Ry got home and said they had a blast -it had rained enough down there that the kiddos got to play in the creek almost the whole time they were down there.

Sunday ~ We got up and going and had a yummy pancake breakfast that my hubby made us.  We got all prettiedd up and he went to get gas in the jeep so I could drive it today, so he could take my van to the lake.  The kiddos and I finished up around here then left out to meet him at the fire department.  I fell on my way out the door, and hurt my leg so bad...I stepped down, nd my ankle gave and caused me to fall and hit the edge of the step and on down to the carport - my ankle, calf and knee all got it.  I drove down to the station with my left foot b/c it hurt to put pressure on my right. After I walked around on it for a while, it started feeling better, still hurt, but not as bad.  We got our family picture made and Rog and the kiddos took off to my inlaws - they were taking the boat to the lake!  I stayed and helped out at the fire department with pictures, a few of the oher ladies stayed and helped as well, we had a good time.  Not to mention,we got to personally thank all of thsoe who donated and heled with our fundraiser.  After that was over (I had still not heard from Rog and the kiddos) my sis and I went to mom's for dinner. Rog called they were just leaving the lake (2 hours away), so he drove thru and got the kiddos some dinner - and brought them to me eventually - he then went to help some friends with their floor - I was headed to bed by the tme he got home - the kiddos were long gone - they crashed almost as fast as we got home.

Monday ~ I spent re-arranging the school room for the new computer, the table was on an outside wall, over the heat/air vent ,and I din't think that was the idea place for a unit to stand, so I moved things around, and I actually like it better.  My mil came over this afternoon and brought a plug for the computer, and I hooked it up - it says no operating system found, so I guess that is our next fil will help us with that.  My school room is now nice and neat and ready for school in 2 weeks. My foot is better - my leg hurts, like there is a bruise there, but you cannot see I can feel it though!  I have worked so hard on the school room today that the rest of the house has been neglected, so that is hw I am spending the rest of the day.

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  1. I admire you for working so diligently on your homeschool area. I have to definately do that starting next week. It is a MESS!

    Take some pics of the finished room if you can.

    <>< Kelly


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