Friday, June 8, 2007

Lazy Friday, hanging out the wash and seeing the Kissmobile...

The kiddos slept in this morning, and since I was up early with the pup, I decided to hang a load of clothes out on the line.  That seems like it may work ok - start a load at night before I go to bed, then hang it out at 6:00 in the morning- it should be dry enough to take off the line by after breakast.

Some friends came over and we took off to the local WalMart to see the Hershey KissMobile (I got pictures - but my computer and HSB is being weird, so I will try again in the morning to post one).  Our friends hung out over here for the afternoon - playing outside and the Pretty Pretty Princess game repeatedly. 

Sis has been on a puzzle kick lately, so after they left, the kiddos spread out in the floor and worked about 3 puzzles - they were 100 pieces, and they can do those realy without much issue, but the only bigger I can find are 300 pieces, and that is really to much for them.

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