Saturday, May 19, 2007

Myrtle Beach ~ Day 1

We got started bright and early this morning...we were able to leave out at 7:00 am.  We left Arkansas and drove straight thru to Georgia to stay the night with some of our friends. It was a nine hour drive from our driveway to theirs - with a stop or two of course.  We hung out with Amy, Julian and their kiddos for the evening, then after breakfast Sunday Morning we were off - here are all of the kiddos right before we left them. (Sorry it is so small - I snagged it from Amy's page.)

It was great to visit with them - Amy and I have been friends since early elementary school - there have been times where we didn't talk much - they were missionaries in China when my kiddos were born and when her kiddos were born (even though Liam - her little boy - was born in Arkansas).  We have always remained close - no matter where life has taken us.

On the way - there were a few funnies - one, we are in AR, and there are crop dusters that fly out in the fields all the time.  Well, Rog saw one and tried to point it out to the kiddos and both of them asked 'what is a plop buster?' after we finished laughing about that - we showed them one and Sis' response to that was - oh, that is just an airplane....

Then, we missed the turn right inside TN, because I was trying to take a picture ofthe welcome to TN sign (I missed it also) so we drove into part of the hood of Memphis to turn around and get back on track.  It ended up not really being my fault, since the signs were not clear.

Our plan was to stop somewhere about lunch time at a rest area and have a picnic, well - guess - what - there are no rest areas in Mississippi!  The only pace we found in MS was the welcome center that was on the other side of the road as we crossed into Alabama - we turned around and went back to Mississippi to eat, then turned again and headed back in the right direction.  After we went all the ay acroos Alabama without seeing a rest area, we were glad we had turned around!!

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