Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hershey ~the new pup...

Here is Hershey...she was sitting on the step waiting for us to return home from the beach.  We didn't really want another dog (we just lost one in Jan) but she was so small and so cute and really needed some care - food and water - so, now we have a new dog!  She is a very good dog - just barked for the first time this morning - trying to play with Rascal - it was so cute! We have been putting her in the cage at night, and she has whined quite a bit, and not made it thru the night with out pottying in there.  Last night, she slept in our floor with the door closed and she woke up whining - I took her out, she pottied and then came back in and went to sleep. We will still use the cage for whenwe are gone, she does ok for short times, but I guess we will keep her in the bedroom at night, since she did better there.

She has a vet appt. here in a few minutes, so I will be back hopefully with news about her aprox. age and maybe a breed mix - we hope.  I have searched the internet and the closest picture I can find is a Husky/Rottweiler mix.

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