Monday, April 16, 2007

Long and tiring Monday

I woke the kiddos up early this morning...they had a check-up at the dentist - no cavities!! We then went to buy tickets for Disney on Ice Princess Wishes - Sis and her GS troop are going together - they get to go behind the sceens afterward and see some of how it works.  They also get a patch (it's really cute- they gave it to me today when I bought the tickets!).

After that, we went to visit Grannie at work, then to visit Meme. Meme is doing ok, she was up walking and was aware of what was going on and who we were. 

For lunch, we had Arby's, then off to the eye dr. for another check-up!  All was well with their eyes.

When we got home, we got in a little school before I had to fix dinner. 

After dinner, the guys (Rog and Ry) went to the Fire Department.  Sis is watching Animal Planet and trying hard to stay awake.

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  1. The Disney Princesses on Ice sounds like something Gracie would love. The one around here was more of a "generic" Disney show this year~ of course, I'm sure my kids would have loved that too. We've seen Beauty & The Beast and Monsters Inc. on Ice.

    Your blog is looking great!



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