Thursday, March 15, 2007

What have we been up to?

WoW!!  It appears that it has been a while since I have blogged -wanna know why? I haven't been very happy with the changes that have been made here, so I have been looking for a new blog home.  After much prayer, searching, and conversation with a few friends, I have decided that I will stay with HSB.  Afer seeing what my other choices were and realizing how 'sheltered' (maybe that should be protected) we are here at HSB - I have decided that this is where I need to be.  My apologies to anyone (if there is anyone out there that actually does read my blog) for being gone so long and not keeping up.  I am getting back on the blogging wagon!!!
Well, since I have seen all of you last, we have had much going on here - We went to Gatlinburg over President's Day weekend, and went to Branson over the kiddos birthday.  School is going good - the kiddos are reading - short words, but hey its a start (about time I guess - they are 7 years old!! -bad mom!!) We are close to finishing this years math! They are super excited about that.  I am working on next years list of stuff. I will be missing the conference this year, we will be headed to the beach at the time.  My health is good - I haven't had any troubles or flares with my Lupus.  My weight - now that is another story - I really need to be working on that.
I guess that is a brief update - when I get pictures all loaded where they belong, then I will share them (Gatlinburg, Branson and many odd pics!!).
I am back - so be looking for more frequent updates, as well as me getting my sidebars cleaned up and updated - starting with my friends lists!!

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