Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back to Work

Since we were out of town for the kiddos birthday - we kinda slacked the rest of the week. so today was time to get back on schedule!  I also sat down and figured out what's left of our school year.  If we stay on track (yeah right!!) then we will finish up all our 1st grade stuff by the first week in May.  After we finish up with everything, we will take a few weeks off, then ease back into some fun stuff - unit studies, reading and fun science experiments. I know we school 'year round' but it is fun to see an end to the current year, and take a break from the formal stuff and just have fun - that sounds like we don't have fun thru the year, but we do.  They just don't always want to do what they need to (math!) during the year - the summer time is strictly fun!! 

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