Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14, 2006 is still raining....maybe would should look into building an

We got up this morning and had a nice breakfast of sausage biscuits - Rog made breakfast- then got ready and went to church. Once we got home, and had a bite of lunch, Rog turned on the football game and pulled out his laptop in the den and I settled down here at the desk in the office and played on the computer for a bit as well. The kiddos played for a bit then ended up watching a movie together in one of their rooms.

Friday was my mom's birthday, so we had my parent's and sister and niece over for dinner and birthday brownies. After dinner, we played Five Crowns - a card game that sis got my parents for is pretty fun!!

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  1. Hello, fellow Arkansan!

    Yes, we have had alot of rain, but i am so thankful it is not ice at this point like our neighbors to the west.

    I love your blog...the firefighter theme is so cute and so honoring of your husband's career.

    I was tagged today and told to tag 7 others for the "07 Weirdest Things." I hope you don't mind me tagging you. Since you're doing the blogger school, i thought you might be game.



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