Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A couple of prayer requests

This year is not starting of with hopes of a good year.  I have several prayer requests...

1. My Meme(82-mom's mom)  ~She has Dementia and was doing ok- until she fell on December 10th and broke her collar bone. She was in the hospital for a few days, then transfered to a rehab.nursing home. She is not doing good - the doc there has her meds all messed up and all the progress of the Alzhemiers that she has been supressing for the past 2 years on her meds, has come spiraling at us.  She is still with us most of the time, but she gets to talking out of her head and all. She had taken some really big steps in the wrong dierction in a short time.  It is really hard for all of us - for several reasons - my mom, trying to continue with her life, meaning work part time, run rental property and landlord groups and take care of my niece - now is spending lots of time (probably an unhealthy amount) at the nursing home, dealing with Meme. Dealing sounds like such a harsh word, but at this point - that is truly what it is. My sister and I - we are a bit spoiled- used to having my mom available to us -to chat with or for whatever reason - have lost that for now - we still talk, but it tends to be mostly docs, meds and the latest off the wall tale my Meme is telling. And finally the kiddos - my 2 and my neice - they feel like they have lost their Grannie - and are having a hard time understanding what is taking her time. Sissy is struggling with it the hardest right now.  Mom is doing what she can to spend time with them, but it has been cut quite a bit, so it is hard for them.

2. My grandpa(83 -dad's dad)~ he went to the ER by ambulance on Saturday.  He was having chest pains and vomiting and weak.  He is doing better, and may get to come home tomorrow, but he is on strick diet restrictions - his kidneys are not function properly and so he is only allowed 1500cc liquid intake.  He has fluid build up around his heart (I think they said the two were related, but I am not sure how) and he has a weak heart in general. 

3. I have several great aunts and uncles --a great aunt (97- mom's side) who is in the hospital with double pneumonia right now. I don't have a recent update on her - she went in last week and that is allI know -- a great uncle (my Meme's brother- 83 - I was boen on his 50th b-day) he is in very bad health - his wife (my aunt- same age) is not any better than he is - they live about 65 miles from here, and in the middle of nowhere.  We are trying really hard to convience them to move closer to all of us, but it has been a no go for the past few years. And another great uncle (my grandpa's brother) he has just recently been diagnoised with Alzhiemers and it has hit him hard this past week as well - along with other health problems.

I am ok to handle one or two sickies at a time, but this is really starting to pile up on me.  I go to see my Lupus dr tomorrow and I am going to let him know what all is going on right now - he is also mom's dr.

Thanks in advance for all the prayers ~



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  1. It sounds like you really do have your hands full right now. I'm sorry your family is having so many health problems. That must be taking a tremendous toll on your mom and the rest of you trying to offer care to so many at the same time.

    Your family will be in our prayers.


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