Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Today was our busy Christmas day...we started off by trying to get ready for church, Sis was feeling pretty bad, so her and Rog stayed home. Once Ry and I got back home, we loaded the car and headed out to my grandpa's house.  We had a big lunch there with all of  my dad's side of the family, exchanged a few gifts and visited with them for a while. 

We left there and went to the nursing home to visit Meme (my mom's mom) - she was in pretty good spirits today, knew what day it was and what all had already happened with her (which is not something very normal). My pepaw was there and we exchanged gifts with the two of them and visited with them until her dinner came. From there we went to my aunts (my mom's sister) where we had our time with the rest of mom's family.  We usually all get together at Meme's, but since she is at the rehab, that changed things a bit.

After we left my aunts, we went to my parents to have dinner and Christmas with my family.  We ate, opened gifts, and hung out and talked for a bit longer - even though we had pretty much been together all day!!  We left earlier than we normally would have due to our wacky morning ahead of us.

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