Saturday, December 2, 2006

Blogger Friend School ~ Assignment #7 - I'm catching up!!

Our assignment this week is to blog about your plans for Thanksgiving Day.....share your day in any creative form.  Please try to include family traditions, your menus, who carves your turkey, do you save the wishbone, the list could go on and on. 



Well, since I am behind here, then I will share what we did this year.  It stays the same, with the exception of Rog's schedule, and I will share what we do different when he is at work.


We wake up and turn on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and watch that while we are eating, dressing, finshing up cooking, ckeaning - whatever we are doing on Thanksgiving morning.  In the past we have always eaten lunch at my Meme's (mom's mom) at noon on Thanksgiving Day.  She has always cooked everything that we have.  The past few years, her health has gotten bad, she is 80+ and has Dementia, so us girls (me, my sister & my cousin-V) have been over to help her prepare - we go over there a bit early to finish up what all needs to be done.  THIS year - since her health has gotten worse - my cousin- D and his wife offered to have us at their house for lunch. It worked out nicely, my Meme was still able to go shopping and buy what was needed and then she split it all among 6 of us to help out.  It turned out to be a real nice time and we really enjoyed it all. 


Before we got married, we would leave from Meme's lunch and go to my Gramma's and have dinner.  Once Rog and I got married, I stopped having dinner at my Gramma's because his mom cooked us dinner.  We would go visit my Gramma between meals, but never stayed to eat.  UNLESS - If Rog is on shift, then me and the kiddos eat dinner at Gramma's then we do Thanksgiving the next day with inlaws.


This year, we went to D's and had lunch with my Meme, then visited my Grandpa, then went to inlaws.  At inlaws, it was just the 10 of us - mil, fil, bil, me, Rog and the 5 kids. Bil and Rog work the same shift, so it all works out. If they are off, then bil usually invites the medics who are on shift that day out to have dinner with us. This year there were none that came out.


That is my holiday - usually Thanksgiving and Christmas are along those crazy lines - are you confused yet???

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