Friday, September 15, 2006

School ~ Day 25

Today went fast - they were both very agreeing and cooperative -- yeah!!  I love days like this!!


PHONICS ~ Lesson 20, the Letter N.  2 workbook pages and some handwriting practice. (They also asked to listen to the Alphabet Island CD while they were playing in here)


MATH ~ Test - lesson 5 - Sis did real well, Ry would have too had he paid attention - he had 4 that he just didn't do - I asked him several times was he sure he was finished and he told me he was.  I showed him what he had done, marked them wrong and explained to him that he needs to pay attention.


HISTORY ~ We are building sand block pyramids.  Our sand/glue mixture is setting up right now, then, this afternoon, we will make the pyramids.


FREE TIME ~ They both finished what they were supposed to do and they are sitting here now listening to the AI CD and doing pages in a workbook that is on the shelf for their use.


BIBLE ~ Review verses for AWANA.



We haven't done very much with art lately ...our person of interest for right now is VanGogh and there are books around and they look at them, but we really haven't pressed forward with the study.  I still think just exposing them to these books is good -- it is more than I ever got!!

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