Friday, September 8, 2006

School ~ Day 20

Whew - 4 weeks complete - seems like it is really flying by - I am so glad that I am fortunate enough to have them home with me!!


Here is what our day looked like:
PHONICS ~ Lesson 16, the letter K, 2 workbook pages.  {Their workbook pages haven't been as correct as I would like them to be, so I am on a search for a wroksheet that is for Auditory Discrimination - that I can tell them to mark the words that start with _ . Although, Sis sat down with a workbook from the free shelf this evening and did several pages of matching beginning letters - so  - maybe they get it and they are bored - well, they will have to prove to me that they get it before we chunk that lesson!}


MATH ~ Test addition with 0 & some review - both did great on this.  I am hoping that since it started out 'easy' like this and they both caught on pretty quick, that they move smoothly through the rest of the book.


HISTORY ~ Colored review cards. 


REAL LIFE ~ Well, I had to get my errands done - you know- the ones I bailed out on on Wednesday --Here is what they did today in helping me with my errands:

I had to go to the post office, once I got the stamps, they helped me stamp our bills and they put them in the mail slot - there were 2 choices and I made them sound out the starting letter for stamps.  From there, we hit a few other places and then the Girl Scouts office - Sis had to find what patches she needed and when we were stumped, she had to ask for help - she did great!  Next stop - Boy Scout office - Ry was supposed to do the same thing, but he lucked out big time - one of the ladies that worked in the office was a lady that used to be in charge of the childrens ministry at our church and she LOVED the kiddos - she was so excited to see them and she helped him more that she let him do what he needed...but that was ok, they love Miss Kimmie! We miss her!  Then - surprise!! The BS office is right up the road from Rog's Fire Station, so we made a suprise visit to see dad at work! From there, they were done and we still had the grocery store - man they were not on very good behavior there, so I didn't have them help me and just got in got what I need and got out.  They were in trouble when we got home.


Once that was over, they went outside and rode their bikes! PE and fresh air!!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog. It is lovely.

    Sounds like you had a busy day!


  2. You're really taking advantage of those "teachable" moments! Hope you had a nice visit!

    Blessings, jessica


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