Saturday, September 9, 2006

Not meant to be...

Well, Rog has just recently joined a deer camp that is right at 2 hours away from us.  The membership is year round, and during time when it is not hunting season, we can use for whatever - camping, fourwheeler riding, nature studies.  We have a 4wheeler and we borrow Rog's dads when we both ride (especailly if we are taking kiddos). We get down there and start off - no problems.  About 5 minutes into the ride, Dad's 4wheeler (that I am driving and following everyone else) dies - I yelled and Rog heard me, but no one else did.  We couldn't get it to start back up, so we left it and went on. 


There were a couple other guys that run the camp down there - we were going to see where Rog could put his second stand.  The kiddos got on with R and Rog and I followed.  He showed Rog a nice place - very pretty area, then he and another guy (and the kiddos) went to check a feeder; Rog and I went back to the abandoned 4wheeler. It started right up!  We searched for the other guys, got our kiddos back, and rode for a bit. Rog had some work to do on his other stand, so we headed down there.  We went down a dirt rode for a while, then turned off the road onto a trail, called Dead End Trail - a bit more narrow than the road.  His stand is all the way down at the end of it, then off in the woods on a hardly beaten path.  We get almost all the way down to where the road ends and guess what happens!!  He runs over a stick -and it pops the back tire!!  We park his 4wheeler and all jump on the one I was driving and go on the rest of the way to his stand.  This one is set up in a very pretty area!!  Even prettier than where he is going to put the other one.  I am going to get him to take the camera down is beautiful! 


So, he gets the burlap hung, checks the corn he put out a week ago; and he and the kids spread some more.  We pile back on and head to where we left the other one.  Rog decides to drive it for a ways - we got it about halfway to the main road and found a place big enough to turn the truck and trailer around and we all piled back on the one that was running and headed back to the truck - about a 30 minute ride back to the truck,a nd since all 4 of us were on it; it was very slow!!


We got down to it, got it loaded and headed for the house!!  We can take a hint - it was just not a day to go riding!!!

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