Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gilgamesh Introduction Questions

1. The oldest story of the world? Do you believe that is actually the oldest story or does this conflict with the bible being the oldest? Do you intend to study further into this?
I don't know that I beleive that this is the oldest book in the world...I always heard the Bible was the oldest.

2. How did you feel about what Mitchell wrote about the origins of Gilgamesh, do you feel he provided enough information? 

3. Civilizing the wild man: was this a difficult part of the text to read for you? What is your opinion about what Mitchell wrote?
I was a bit suprised at this part, I was actually a bit concerned; wondering if I should really be reading this or not.

4. What questions in the Introduction that Mitchell presented do you wish to answer as we explore this book?

5. Overall how would you rate the introduction of this book? Would it have been better served at the end of the book? 
The introduction was hard to read. I think maybe it would have served better at the end of the book.  When I read something, I want to read it, the intro was pretty long and I had a hard time keeping with it.  If I could have read the poem, then came back and read the intro, maybe it would have been easier to stick with.

6. After reading the introduction did you feel you needed to explore other sources for background information before reading? Which ones and why?
Yes, I do plan on going thru the links that Jessica provided for us and do a bit more reading about it.

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