Monday, September 25, 2006

And Let Me Laugh...

Lord, when I began to take myself or my life too seriously, let me laugh.

When I rush from place to place, slow me down, Lord. Give me Your perspective, Your wisdom, Your peace, and let me laugh.

When the day is cloudly, keep me mindful that above the clouds, the sun still shines.

And let me laugh. And, each morning, when I open my eyes to a world of glorious possibilities, let me give thanks for the gitfs of life.

Then, let me rise up and make the most of that gift.  Let me strive toward a worthy purpose, and let me celebrate each day with a song and a prayer...and, let me laugh.




We had our Mother/Daughter Banquet at church on Saturday night, and this was the theme of the speaker.  The banquet is put on by the WMA's.  The past year I have beenthe president of the WMA's and effective our August meeting, we dissolved the group.  This banquet that we put on was the last commitment I had to that church.  We have been visiting another church that is local, and active.  Our home church has cut out Sunday School, Sunday evening and the other groups - such as Brotherhood and WMA's.  All that I was getting out of it was a 30 minute service on Sunday mornings - I need more than that - I need to learn - to have something to feed on thru the kiddos also need something more than just  a few minutes on Sunday morning.  The church that we have been visiting has Sunday School - I have visited with 2 different classes - not sure what else they offer for me! The kiddos have been going to Sunday School, and then to Children's Church. (I know that there are several of you that do not agree with Childrens Church, but I feel that my kiddos need to have something at their age level, so I am all for them going to Children's Church). They also offer AWANA for the kiddos on Wed night - I plan on staying this week for the adult midweek service.


Please say a prayer for me that we are lead in the right direction and make the right decision for our family and our church home, as I am thinking we need to move on from where we have been for the past few years.



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