Thursday, August 24, 2006

School ~ Day 14

Wow!! We have been busy today!


PHONICS: Lesson 11 - the letter G, two workbook pages - the kiddos are really enjpying AlphabetIsland!

FLL: Lesson 8 - common and proper nouns - another writing exercise - which I am glad for each time they practice their writing! I don't know how to have them practice with out making it so tedious and boring.  Lesson 8 also called for the reivew of The Caterpillar and guess what!!!  They both can say it on their own!!  They did great -with bery little promting from me!!

MATH: Lesson 3, pages E & F - more review from Primer

SCIENCE: We read a couple of pages out of our Botany book and did 2 of the notebook activity pages- Seedless VascularPlants/ Nonvascular Plants - they both drew a leave and a picture of some moss; and Angiosperm/Gymnosperm - they both drew a peanut - because that is what we had on hand the other day when I intorduced them. and a pine cone.  We also had to do a Nature Walk make-up from yesterday - we went to the back yard and imagine how exctied we were to see that the squirrels had already started munching on our acorns!!!  We found several that were still intact, a few that were completly empty and a bunch that still had the seeds in them!! What a great way to wrap up a Angiosperm lesson!  (We will be going out here in a bit and the place we are going has a pine tree in the parking lot -- we will be picking up a few of them as well!!)

ART: More Picasso looking!!  And from the Art Book, Shapes, Collages and Faces - perfect for a Picasso study!!


And we finish up right before noon - perfect timing!!!

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