Thursday, August 24, 2006

Help -- I am not happy with my choice of Bible....

I picked up the Bible Beginnings Book I at the homeschool conference last year and I started it this year, and neither me or the kids care for it.  Am I missing something?  Is there something that I should be doing with this that I am not?  They will listen to everything else I read to them, but not this - they start asking totally off topic questions in the middle, they play with this or that.  It doesn't matter if I do it first, middle or last -- they just aren't caring for it.  I would like something more - like a color sheet or something to go-along that they can see/touch/do so they will 'see' what is being taught.


I am not going to wade through this anymore -- tomorrow is our last day before a short break - we have been 'in school' since August 7th, so we are at the end of our first 3 weeks on, time for a week off!!


Unless I find something cheap/easy/free on the web this next week, then when we start back after next week, our bible time will consist of me reading a story to them from the Children's Story Bible that I have - hopefully I can find a color sheet that goes along with the story. They also each ahave a Wee-Sing Bible that I may try to incorporate into our week -- maybe use that on Wednesdays while we are out running around - we can listen to it in the car.


Once they start back up in AWANA, I can incorporate their lessons into school here as well...



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  1. MySmokyMtnHomeschoolAugust 24, 2006 at 11:10 AM

    Bible Study for All Ages... You will love it! (so will your kids) It has a timeline, map drills, fun activity sheets and lots of ofther cool stuff.


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