Monday, August 14, 2006

Our weekend....

We had a really nice weekend...


FRIDAY:  When Rog got home from working his second job, we loaded up and went to softball practice. --- He plays on the Fire Department team (once a year) and they do a Civil Service Tournament - the LRFD vs. LRPD. This will be the 6th year and sadly, the PD has won every time - just a trophy and bragging rights, it's a charity tournament and all for fun.  This year, the are adding NLRFD and NLRPD and the FD's are playing against each other and the PD's are playing each other then the winner of those 2 games plays for the trophy and bragging rights! -- Anyways, I said all of that to say we went and watched him practice -- it started storming on the way there, and was just rainy by the time the practice started.  I stowed the seats in the back of the van and the kiddos played back there for a while, and I sat in the front where I could watch and read at the same time.  Whenever the rain let up, the kiddos and I got out so they could play with some of the other FF kids that were there.  After that we drove thru and got a burger. 


SATURDAY: Rog had to work and so me and the kiddos hung out at the house and read.  After lunch, they asked if they could call Gramma and they spent the night there.  I rented the movie Failure to Launch (not that great of a movie) and crashed early.


SUNDAY: Rog came home from work and crawled in bed with me and we slept until almost 11:00.  He needed new shoes for work, so we went to Academy Sports and a few other errands then to pick up the kiddos.  Dinner was at my sisters house, she had a bday dinner for my Meme and my neice. 

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