Monday, July 10, 2006

WOW!! What a busy day!!

We went to the free movies this morning with some friends -- my only IRL friend that homeschools!  We took the kiddos to see Curious George-- Ry and I had already seen it, but no one else had.  He loved it just as much the second time, and I even thought it may have been a bit better the second time round!! 


After we left the movies, we went to our friends house and fed the kiddos lunch and they went outside and played.  We sat around and chatted and bounced ideas off each other for this coming year.  The kids had a blast and I enjoyed chatting with some one who is in the same 'mind frame' as I am! 


We left her house and I took the kiddos to moms and I went to our ladies meeting at church.  We all crashed in my bed after reading our bedtime stories.

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