Monday, July 24, 2006

An update on my tests

I had to go this morning and have a few tests done.


The first one was a Pulmonary Function test.  The lady administering the test to me told me that she was not on who read the test to get the reults, but she could tell that my numbers were lower. I knew they would be -- that is why I was there!!


The second one - a CT Scan - went horribly--The doc ordered a CT scan with and with out contrast.  Well, the contrast was an x-ray dye that is given thru an IV. A the nurse that was doing this test was not capable of starting an IV.  She tried 2 times with no success, then on her 3rd try, I jerked - I was a little gunshy by now -- and SHE BLAMED ME!!! She said -that was a perfect vein - if you wouldn't have move we could have started that one...EXCUSE ME?!?!?!  what about the other 2 times you stabbed me and HURT me --huh?  If we are going to start pointing fingers around here, we need to do a quick check as to why we are failing at a third attempt!!  Can you tell I wasn't very happy about that?? After I messed things all up, she said she wasn't going to try anymore, that she would get someone else...

He couldn't do it either! So, they just did the scan with out the contrast -- not sure how happy the doctor is gonna be about that, and I may be subjected to the torture again, but oh well....




  1. how horrible!! I always have a hard time with the nurses finding a vein, and they always end up poking and then moving the needle around in my arm. YIKES! After the first few pokes, I get a bit gunshy as well. How dare that nurse blame you! GRRRR!

    I have been trying to figure out the three column template recently. I have come close! I see that you figured it out! What template did you start with?? You can see how close I got on my messing around blog.


  2. I'm sorry that you had such a bad time at the dr.'s office.

    On a better note...your blog looks really great!

    I haven't been following your blog for a while...I hope you're not dealing with illness.

    Let me know if you need prayer!



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