Sunday, July 23, 2006

Amyone from Missouri??

I have a flier that was in all of my papers from our Homeschool Confrence that tells of Homeschool Days at Silver Dollar City.  It is the weekend of October 7&8, go to to check out the details.


Also, Six Flags St. Louis in having Homeschool Day on September 23. .


  1. Are you planning on going to Silver Dollar City? If so we can make plans to meet there! We are still wanting to go to Branson sometime this year...hopefully some of the ladies from CHC can go to. We may have to postpone the trip until Spring.

    How was your weekend?

    Mine was super busy...I had to help hubby all weekend. I am sooo tired.

    Talk to ya soon.

  2. Your blog looks AWESOME! You've been a busy bee!

    Of course, I am kind of partial to FF graphics. ;o)

    Thanks for updating about your doctor know I'm praying here.



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